The Dutch (Manhattan, NYC)

Posted by Maddie on October 5, 2014 at 10:15 PM

When you're in college, it's hard to leave the bubble of campus. Your classes, professors, friends, books, and bed are within 10 blocks of campus. There's no real reason to leave if everything is so conveniently close. 

But, on breaks like Fall Break, I leave the bubble to go home for a long weekend. And whenever I'm home, I'm welcomed back into Manhattan with a tasty, cheese-filled dinner at either a new trendy restaurant or at one of my family's old loves. I've heard only good things about The Dutch ( which is located in lower Manhattan at 131 Sullivan Street. The Dutch is an American Restaurant and their dinner menu is interesting. I use "interesting" for the menu's rare finds and unique ingredient combinations. 

As per usual, I asked for a cheese plate for my entree. Below is a picture of my cheese plate and a list of the cheeses ordered! While the food was only ok, the cheese list was refreshing. It's too often that I go to a restaurant and order a cheese plate where some generic form of cheddar or brie is on the menu. As someone who has sampled 100 cheeses in one day (more like one afternoon), it's hard to find a cheese I have yet to come across. At The Dutch, I had never tried Esmontonian or Mt. Alice. I even felt a little embarassed writing this and confessing that I haven't tried the majority of the cheeses listed on the menu. Thus, I applaud The Dutch for being adventurous with their cheese offerings and would highly suggest you try Esmontonian of Caramont Farms, VA if you're into goat's milk. Otherwise, you can never go wrong with Ewe's Blue or Alpha Tolman.

Thanks to The Dutch I had an enjoyable fall break in the city. It was a great start to a weekend full of catching up with family and friends over good food.

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