Cheese & CSI:NY: Mistaking Cheese for Cocaine ("White Gold")

Posted by Maddie on February 23, 2013 at 7:25 PM

CSI: NY's " White Gold" (Season 9 Ep 13 ) Air Date: 02/01/13

On the CSI:NY episode that aired on 02/03/13, "White Gold," there were deaths due to cheese because the ground mozzarella looked like cocaine. The episode's title, "White Gold" refers to cheese smuggled from the U.S. to Canada because of cheaper prices in the U.S.. Apparently, according to the show's plot, the pizzeria owner (whose nephew was killed) said that "greaseballs" came in here and spoke about how cheese was cheaper here in the U.S.. The "greaseball" Canadians said if the pizzeria owner "found a way to get the cheese over the border, [the pizza shop owner] could make 4 bucks a pound. Smuggling cheese-- no risk high reward." 

(Shapshot of CBS's CSI:NY "White Gold" Season 9 Episode 13 with two NYPD CSIs realizing that the killer had probably mistaken cocaine for the blocks of mozzarella cheese. See bottom right corner of photo)

The murderer had mistaken cheese for cocaine, which is why when he saw the pizza shop owner's nephew loading blocks of cheese into a secret compartment of a van, the murderer thought by obtaining the cheese/cocaine, he could make millions.

Later when the murder is brought in for questioning, the NYPD says,

"Cheese. You murdered two guys over some cheese?"

Just thought I would inform you all that cheese is now the center of crime show drama. I love cheese but rest assured, not enough to kill for it. But, I do in fact think the nickname "white gold" suits how much I value fancy cheese.

Did you watch the episode?


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