Terzo Piano Was Too Hard of an Act to Follow for Cafe Spiaggia (Chicago)

Posted by Maddie on January 20, 2013 at 4:15 PM

On New Years Eve, my family had dinner at Cafe Spiaggia. I heard that Cafe Spiaggia had a phenomenal cheese selection, which is ultimately why we decided to come here for dinner, but I was not impressed at all. Maybe because it was NYE, and there was a set cheese plate? However, the selected cheeses were all mild, boring, and the three cheeses tasted the same: bland. You would think that on an important holiday, Cafe Spiaggia would bring out their selection's finest. I found myself enjoying the honey accompaniments more than the cheese itself--maybe it was because the honey completely masked the litte flavor the cheeses had to offer. The berry jam also tasted sour. I never complain about prices either, but considering how  small the wedges I received was, I needed to comment.

Maybe I have become jaded after visiting Terzo Piano, but I couldn't even finish Cafe Spiaggia's cheese plate, and that NEVER happens (even considering how small the wedges were.)

My notes on the three cheeses I sampled and their ratings are below:

As a reminder, -2 = absolutely revolting, +2 = amazing, will definitely have again, NEED to have it again:

The La Tur (Goat): fluffy. think whipped cream cheese without the flavor--was literally eating whipped milk -1

The Pecorino (Cow): While earthy, it was mild and tastes like your deli Provolone -1

The Morbier Blue: -1 tastes better with honey, While I generally enjoy Morbier, the -1 is for the poor pairing with the soured berry jam.

What a shame, Cafe Spiaggia is also said to be Michelle Obama's favorite Chicago restaurant.

Let me know if you have been to Cafe Spiaggia/Spiaggia before and have tried the cheese and loved it! Maybe I was just unlucky, but please let me know!


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