Disney Cheese?

Posted by Maddie on March 22, 2012 at 12:05 AM

No, the cheeses are not named after Disney princesses or in the shape of Mickey Mouse's head. Florida's DisneyWorld had legit cheeses--for the most part. In my third of four days at DisneyWorld, I spent the day at Epcot and visited every country... really! Epcot's layout reminded me of the Shanghai World Exposition 2010 because each country had some sort of pavillion where they marketed their own products: ex: Germany sold Werther's Caramel Hard Candies, which I just happen to love. When we got to France, and I took a look at the Les Chefs de France menu, I knew I just had to make my friends eat there with me. I ordered a salad appetizer and the cheese plate to finish--no surprise!

Salade de Chevre chaud - baked goat cheese, walnuts, fresh grapes, tomatoes, endive, salad... just look at that goat cheese! Delish!

Assiette de fromages de France - Imported cheese plate with raisin and walnut bread.

I had the waiter write down the names of the cheeses so I could share them with you! I take the names of each cheese seriously, so I was at a loss for words when I received the names of the cheeses. (Picture Below). My favorite cheese? Probably the goat, the blue, or the Emmental. Wait, did you just read that? Emmental is Swiss! What is a Swiss cheese doing at a French restaurant?!

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