Disney Cheese?

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No, the cheeses are not named after Disney princesses or in the shape of Mickey Mouse's head. Florida's DisneyWorld had legit cheeses--for the most part. In my third of four days at DisneyWorld, I spent the day at Epcot and visited every country... really! Epcot's layout reminded me of the Shanghai World Exposition 2010 because each country had some sort of pavillion where they marketed their own products: ex: Germany sold Werther's Caramel Hard Candies, which I just happen to love. When we got to France, and I took a look at the Les Chefs de France menu, I knew I just had to make my friends eat there with me. I ordered a salad appetizer and the cheese plate to finish--no surprise!

Salade de Chevre chaud - baked goat cheese, walnuts, fresh grapes, tomatoes, endive, salad... just look at that goat cheese! Delish!

Assiette de fromages de France - Imported cheese plate with raisin and walnut bread.

I had the waiter write down the names of the cheeses so I could share them with you! I take the names of each cheese seriously, so I was at a loss for words when I received the names of the cheeses. (Picture Below). My favorite cheese? Probably the goat, the blue, or the Emmental. Wait, did you just read that? Emmental is Swiss! What is a Swiss cheese doing at a French restaurant?!

Food Diary: March (Thus far)

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Five cheeses: Top: Brie de Nangis, Raw milk Manchego

Bottom: Vigneron, 24month Parmigiano-Reggiano, French Raclette

I find a dish with cheese in every cuisine... Mexican! Queso Fundido (3 cheese fondue served with mexican chorizo) that chihuahua cheese

Food Diary: February 2012

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The Modern Restaurant, NYC : Selecting Cheese

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Cheeses on My Christmas Wishlist

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Cheeses on My Christmas Wishlist: This is what I chose to be served at my family's dinner party.

1. Flosterkase

2. Robiola Due Latti

3. Hittisau

4. Rogue River Bleu

5. Grayson

6. Sbrinz

7. Rush Creek Reserve

8. Fourme d'Ambert

Enjoy the holidays! I'll be in Hawaii next week so I hope to be trying a ton of new restaurants with large cheese carts! 

Celebratory Dinner at The Modern (NYC)

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Cheese Plate #1

From Left to Right: Pyrenees Brebi (+1) Pleasant Ridge (+2) (AMAZING) Sottocenere (+1) Ginepro (+0) Rogue River Bleu (+2)

Cheese Plate #2

From Left to Right: Ginepro (+0) Mon Enebro (+1) Harbisson (+2) (AMAZING) Sweet Grass (-1) Caruchon (+0) Rogue River Bleu (+2)

Deep in Thought: Intensive Cheese Selection

The Deal on Those Wildly High Price Tags

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"The Deal on Those Wildly High Price Tags"

Apparently, the most expensive cheese is $428 per pound.

Hone Your Cheese Vocab:

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Describing cheese requires skill. And I'm not yet an expert yet either, but I'm learning from one: Max McCalman. Max McCalman is a James Beard Award recipient, author of 3 successful reference books on cheese, Dean of Curriculum at Artisanal, won the "World's Best Book on Cheese" Award, and is NASA's go-to guy for all questions cheese. 

I thought I would compile a list for you so you can describe cheese like the professionals do. 


Pillowy, Creamy, Dense, Chewy, Elastic, Velvety, Toothsome, Pasty, Sticky, Crumbly, Dry, Creamy, Dense, Chewy, Elastic, Pliable


Barnyardy, Beefy, Grassy, Gamy, Earthy, Herbaceous, Tangy, Buttery, 

Earthy, Nutty, Mushroomy, Sharp, Stinky, Pungent, Smoky, Caramelized

Now, all you poets can use these adjectives in your poems about cheese! Email your poems, or comment below!



Mouse Trap Survivor Cheese Commercial

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Thought I would share this again. Such a great clip. Seriously, watch the entire thing, its worth every second!

Enjoy! MG

5 Most Expensive Cheeses

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Now you know!

1. Donkey Cheese

2.Caciocavallo Podolico

3. Moose cheese

4. Bitto

5.Gorau Glas

TIME MAGAZINE: Cheese is the Most Stolen Food on Earth

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From Time Magazine:

From Megan Gibson:


This is not gouda news for supermarkets. (Sorry.)

The Center for Retail Research in Britain found that shoplifting, especially of food and grocery products, had risen in the past six months. And after crunching the numbers they found that cheese is the most frequently stolen food item in the world. According to their data, an astonishing 4% of the world's cheese ends up stolen, which is high enough to have it pegged as a "high-risk" food for retailers.

Now for those who don't think cheese is the greatest food on the planet may be surprised to learn that the dairy product is stolen even more often than alcohol or junk food. However, for NewsFeed and anyone with taste — including, it would seem, quite a few criminals — this is no surprise. You could even say it's to brie expected. (We'll stop now.)