Flash Poem: Cheese and Poetry Blog

Posted by Maddie on June 30, 2011 at 11:05 PM Comments comments (1)

11:08:57 pm:

Take notice,

To how quickly my fingers

Jump from key to key.

The pressure at my finger tips,

The speed at which I see letters fill this 

Blank white space that I type to fill.  

Tell a story,

About how slowly I proofread.

Perfection is barbed wire.

Not here, not in this web world

I created and call my canvas,

Not this cheese and poetry blog.

I write with no barrier,

With open eyes, open mind, and

No teacher to grade my articles. 

Smell what I am pondering when

I eat cheese. The way Robiola Bosina

Glides across the tongue and

Swirls around each tooth. 

This is happiness:

I can write with no guard,

Edit with no fear, and

Eat with no care.

11:15:32 pm: I finished my flash poem, edited and everything. I really wasn't feeling a flash poetry moment but I just loved the way I could just type and type straight for about 8.5 minutes. I knew not to set a time limit for this-- after all I'm writing a poem about having no limits.

Note: I just typed this all out once, with no final edit. I slightly deleted a word or two that didn't 100% convey how I felt during the process in those 7 minutes. But other than that, what you see is what you get

Enjoy! Email me your poems if you don't feel like commenting for the public to see with the blue contact button to the right.


Flash Poem: "Made of Glass"

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"Made of Glass"

To watch me while I bleed.

Like the windows, are still broken.

Like I'm made of glass

I will break when shattered

I will feel when touched

I will understand when smashed.

The title of this poem was inspired by a line from a song of the radio station 101.3, aka Z100... The line that caught my attention was "To watch me while I bleed." 

Let me know what you think of this Flash poem.


Another flash poem: Brie Without Rind

Posted by Maddie on May 17, 2011 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (2)

My poem about Brie in three minutes:

Ready, set, GOOOO!:

Brie Without Rind by Maddie (me)

I spent two minutes on writing the poem. Roughly 30 seconds on the first stanza, 2.25 min on the second. I then proceeded to skim and edit for 15 seconds. I've found a new love for writing quick flash poems. This way, instead of just staring at empty paper with a stationary hand, you are forced to write. Send me your flash poems!!

Enjoy my poem and eat some Brie, Maddie

Smoked Mozzarella and MY Poem of the Week May 15, 2011

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Today I wrote my own poem, rather than matching my favorite poets with a cheese I currently like. Here is a 5 minute flash poem I wrote in under 5 minutes (this is an exercise the literary magazine club does for fun...and i have a calculus test tomorrow)...

Cheese: Smoked Mozzarella Poem: "Smoked Mozzerella: Soiled on the Outside"

READY, SET, 5 minutes

Please note that I gave myself  5 minutes--my dad timed me.. and I edited this for a good 30 seconds... 

I talk about race in this poem probably because I am learning about the Civil Rights Cases  in US History and my English class's elective name is called "Southern Voices."

So, on that note, please do not "judge." I will edit this in the future when I don't have a calculus test the next day. 

Email me any suggestions or comments!

Thanks! Maddie