What I'm Doing: Artisanal Internship

Posted by Maddie on June 28, 2011 at 10:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Day 1

Just yesterday, I graduated from Artisanal's Master Class. Today, I'm here yet again to just help out and learn the basics so I can hit the ground running when August rolls around and I have my one month internship at Artisanal. From talking to Max today, he said that I could pinpoint my internship exactly to what I hope to get out of this internship. No coffee run b.s.--I'm working in the field. Everything will be hands-on, from helping market the cheese to actually getting stinky in the cheese caves. I worked in the cheese caves for about 2 hours yesterday and 2 hours the day before that in my time at the Master Class. I was so cold the first day: I was working in the blue cheese cave--the coldest of the 4 caves at Artisanal. Naturally, I brought my North Face and my thick read gloves and made my way to Artisanal in the 85 degree weather. 

Things I did today:

1. Spoke to Max and got a little intro of what I will be getting out of this internship

2. I basically met the entire Artisanal crew. The CEO to the cheese cave manager to the customer service woman to a ton of people who work behind the scene to make Artisanal the great company that it is. 

3. I did inventory of the wine. Max was having a meeting sampling wine for the Sexy Cheese and Sumptuous Wine class. 

4. After wine and beer inventory, I observed Max and the man having a meeting about carefully choosing the wines that would go great with the cheeses selected.

I will be going to Artisanal again on Thursday to work a full 10:30-5 day! I'm excited!