Artisanal Adventures: What I'm Doing: Aug 19

Posted by Maddie on August 19, 2011 at 1:35 PM

Today I arrived to work at 10 and finished inputting class evaluations and email addresses on the computer by 11. Next, I read the comments people had for the class and compiled a list of testimonials to update the website with.

At 11:45 I was told to work in the cheese caves--the blue cheese cave aka the coldest of the 5 cheese caves. I had to flip and face all the cheeses. For you newbies out there, I had to flip the cheese wheels or cheese wheel halves over so the butterfat doesn't concentrate to one side. The cheese must have equal butterfat throughout! The liquid drippy butterfat made it hard at times to flip the cheese. It would slip through my fingers, and I was wearing gloves. I had to change my gloves after each shelf of blue cheese. This cave only had blue cheese: roquefort papillion, stilton, gorgonzola, were just a few. It was so cold, the tips of my fingers were pink and I could feel each nerve when I ran my hands over room temp water. It felt like I was dipping my fingers in boiling water though! I told a cheese cutter working in production back in the caves that it was so cold! So, he kindly gave me the pants that all the production people wore. It was too big so I used a ribbon as a belt and created high waisted pants now. For the bottom cheese shelves I was just sitting on the floor. In the beginning I was wearing an abercrombie dress and a blue button down sweater. I was dying of cold. It was only .9 degrees Celsius with 97% humidity. The air condition droplets kept dripping on my hairnet and my hair kept falling out. I couldn't scratch my face or take the hair in the way of my eyesight. When I had an itch, I couldn't scratch. I was restrained because my gloves were covered in the light yellow greasy butterfat! My hands are still not back to normal as I'm typing this. My fingers still smell like blue cheese and I'm scared to go out and get lunch for others to smell me. I also still feel like the hairnet is on my head--but it's not. Here's a photo of me in the cheese cave hallway at Artisanal

I just finished at 1:47. Now I'm going to get lunch to re-energize. I'm physically and mentally tired. I never loved office work more!

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